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Sam-1 Installation with thoughts and installation pictures. 

VERY IMPORTANT - 4 people have found their original factory wiring on their RV had reversed polarity. Check polarity!!!  If wrong you will find exhaust fan runs in reverse and led light does not lite.

David J.  Montana Mountaineer 5th wheel  Heng's  hood
David's installation  DavidJSAM-1Install.pdf 

" The new LED light was worth ALL of the effort for this project. It is so bright! The quiet fan and access to the vent from inside were just icing on the cake!"

Howard B. 1997 Dutchman tt  Ventline hood :

Scott,  Thank you so much for the Sam-1. It took me an hour to install but I didn’t rush. With only one switch which controlled both the fan and the light I needed to think a bit. The recessed square screws required more tools than listed. (I had them). This install is on my 1997 travel trailer Dutchman Classic 240. I did not change the outside vent as mine was fine. The attached pictures are captioned. If you would like non-captioned pictures I can send them too. I had to trim the gasket as it was just a little too wide which caused it to not lay flat on the test fit. (His pictures below)

001HB1997Classic.JPG (60139 bytes) 002OHBriginalhoodinstall.JPG (78661 bytes) 003HBOriginal.JPG (94023 bytes) 004OHBEMsquarescrew.JPG (56836 bytes) 005HB2wirenut.JPG (65736 bytes) 006HBBoxsupport.JPG (70091 bytes) 007HBExposedwiring.JPG (109209 bytes) 008HBPigtail.JPG (63295 bytes) 009HBGaskettrim.JPG (66486 bytes) 010HBOEMwirecover.JPG (114732 bytes) 011HBreconnect.JPG (66820 bytes) 012HBFinished.JPG (63773 bytes)

Athena's  2011 Jayco Jayflight G2 Ventline PH hood

I had the help of having the Trailer Life magazine article with me when I installed this along with the manual. The fan works wonderfully! Very quite! We can actually listen to the music in the trailer now when I cook and use the fan! Yeah!! The bright led light and the soft night light are very nice options. Don't be afraid to try this, it's very easy to install, I only needed my husband's help once, and that was to hold the hood straight so I could drill it back up under the cabinet. You will like the change from the old noisy one. I have attached pictures.  Thank you, Athena

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Dave's 2006 KZ-RV Spree with Jenson hood by Elixer and installation of Sam-1 into old hood

"Here are the pictures of the Sam-1 installation on my 2006 KZ-RV Spree. (Jensen hood) The pictures are in the order of the installation and you may pick and choose as you would like. The install took about five hours but that included cleaning the hood thoroughly before continuing. The old tin box had 24 spot welds which were cut with a spot weld cutter ( Harbor Freight $4.99) and the use of a cold chisel for the spots not reachable with the drill. I modified the wire box with tin snips to fit the hood and it fit nicely , also a long screw driver is needed to attach the wire box due to spacing with the tin box. Wiring on my hood was just black and white wires so it should be noted that the wires need to be marked as to junction. Holes had to be drilled for the install of the new tin box and the wire cover. The Sam-1 tin box gasket did not fully cover the opening in my hood as the opening was larger, I just caulked the 1/8th inch space with high temp silicone.The outside vent took a while to cut the caulking away and remove the cover but the new vent cover went right on. This is by far the BEST refit on the trailer that ever been done, I can't believe how quiet the Sam-1 is and how much air it moves and the light is, well, I can see the cook top now. Hope you find everything here usable for your web site. Told a friend about the Sam-1 and he got his and installed it yesterday and loves it. Tried sending all the pictures at once and it would not work, So I will send them in groups to you."

Daves Sam-1 1.JPG (44746 bytes) Daves Sam-1 2.JPG (49644 bytes) Daves Sam-1 3.JPG (57118 bytes) Daves Sam1 4.JPG (52729 bytes) Daves Sam-1 5.JPG (60440 bytes) Daves Sam-1 6.JPG (48130 bytes) Daves Sam-1 7.JPG (53380 bytes) Daves Sam-1 8.JPG (50086 bytes) Daves Sam-1 9.JPG (58278 bytes) Daves Sam-1 11.JPG (41419 bytes) Daves Sam-1 10.JPG (35332 bytes) Daves Sam-1 12.JPG (20328 bytes)


James'  2013 Rockwood 29 ft.TT  Sam-1 installation. 

"I am including photographs of the completed Sam-1 installation as agreed. I also am including a photo of a drill bit designed to drill out spot welds. I found it invaluable in removing the old fan. It is available from Harbor Freight Tools for $5.00. I am thrilled with the Sam-1. The installation went according to the instructions and it is wonderfully quiet. I am a serious cook. We eat a whole food gluten free diet which means I prep and cook real food at home and in the RV. My hood fan runs a lot. It is also a real blessing to have a decent light over the range. It also thrills me that you are American entrepreneurs making a quality product in the USA that replaces a piece of cheap Chinese crap. The only thing that did not work for me is the wiring cover. My switches are in the middle of the hood and I could not figure out a way to install that cover. The old one would not fit either. I don't consider that a biggie. The wires are out of sight and not a danger to anyone. I may fool around with that some more not that the hood is in place and try to figure out something. For now, I left the original outside vent cover in place. It is well designed with a full hood to keep driving sideways rain out. There seems to be plenty of air flow. I may, at some point, install yours. I like it. ...''  For the future, have you considered offering a full vent hood replacement? Most of us who RV are older. (I am 73). I would pay a few extra bucks to simplify the job by just replacing the whole unit and connecting two wires. Just a thought. Thank you for a wonderful USA made product."

James Sam-1 1.jpg (922497 bytes) James Sam-1 2.jpg (848106 bytes) James Sam-1 3.jpg (673457 bytes) James Sam-1 4.jpg (532748 bytes) James Sam-1 5.jpg (844916 bytes) James Sam-1 6.jpg (1026878 bytes)


Norm's  2008 Cardinal 5th wheel  Jensen Hood 

"It works as advertised and I am looking forward to spending the summer in our rig and being able to run the exhaust fan and still hear the radio"  "Great improvement to our rig."  Norm's pdf of his installation and thoughts.  NormSAM-1InstallationPDF.pdf


Rick's 2008 Keystone Laredo 315RL   5th wheel --- Jensen/ Elixir non-vented range hood  
Rick's Installation and thoughts  
Fan is very, very quiet but moves a lot of air even on the lowest setting. It was great that I was able to easily get my hood converted to a vented design, the inside vent was useless. The light is considerably brighter that the stock light. I like the inside vent closing, that is a nice idea, as well as the multiple speeds and 2 light settings. Everyone needs one of these. The OEM stuff is really junk. I am very happy with it. High quality unit."

Barry's Sam-1 install  Ventline PH Hood 

I performed the installation yesterday. The unit replaced was a Ventline so the installation was very straightforward and followed the instructions and pictures closely. Some relevant notes:
1. Install time was 1 hr 20 min as I took my time and also had to get a vacuum to clean up sawdust on the top of the hood unit.
2. I would suggest that a note be added to the instructions to turn off the 12 Vdc when doing the install. Even though a shock hazard does not exist for 12 vdc, an arc can be created if the hot lead touches anything metal that is grounded. An arc can also be created if wire strippers contact metal while stripping the insulation.
3. I did not install the new vent cover. The reason is that the supplied screws are silver and I would prefer black headed screws as that would be a more aesthetically pleasing installation. I will either paint the screw heads black or find black screws to use for that install
4. I have a sound level meter app on my iPhone. While not precisely accurate, it does show a measureable sound level change between the original fan and the SAM-1 fan.
· Original Fan 72 db
· SAM-1 Fan on low 58 db
· SAM-1 Fan on medium 60 db
· SAM-1 Fan on high 62 db
· Background was 48 db
5. The other noticeable improvement was in airflow. With original fan, the outside vent flap would barely open about ½ in. With SAM-1 on low the outside vent opens as wide as it can, about 1.5 inches.
I hope this is the type of information that you needed back. Overall, I am pleased with the installation and operation of the unit. I will be camping the week of April 27 so that will be the first “field testing” of the unit.

Barry3322.JPG (58237 bytes) Barry3323.JPG (41540 bytes) Barry3324.JPG (56984 bytes) Barry3325.JPG (54853 bytes) Barry3326.JPG (51408 bytes) Barry3327.JPG (62413 bytes) Barry3328.JPG (53379 bytes) Barry3329.JPG (57030 bytes) Barry3330.JPG (54151 bytes)

Dick's Installation 2008 Keystone Couger 5th wheel 235RKS  Mentioned same hood used in Apr 2015 TrailerLife article 

Scott, Here goes. With pictures and my explanation of each. I am impressed with the kit and have recommended to one of my daughters for consideration. Those are my pictures. We will be giving the system a major checkout starting in mid-may when we begin our annual travels. As I wrote the hardest part was working in fairly close corners with bi-focal glasses.  Approximate installation time-1.5 hours.  Most difficult part is reinstalling the hood.  It takes nearly three hands to hold the hood in place while installing the support screws.  Further complicating the issue was that I wear bifocal glasses which proves to be a bit  more difficult to see under the hood at that distance. Recommended tool list would be more complete to include a putty knife for removal of the old caulking when installing the outside vent.  Also a ratching screwdriver is beneficial (which I used) when reinstalling the range hood.  Installation can be easily done by anyone with average handyman skills  

dicks2.jpg (892063 bytes)  dicks3.jpg (927043 bytes)  dicks4.jpg (26520 bytes)  dicks5.jpg (60104 bytes)  dicks6.jpg (51289 bytes)  dicks7.jpg (50459 bytes) dicks8.jpg (45396 bytes)  dicks10.jpg (26165 bytes) dicks11.jpg (24442 bytes) dicks12.jpg (26530 bytes)  Please note talk bubbles inserted by us.


Doug's    2015 Rockwood 2109S  Sam-1 installation 

I just completed my installation of the SAM-1 Range Hood Upgrade. It looks great and went together pretty well. I have one suggestion for product improvement: Utilize a “stiffer” material for the gasket that goes between the fan/light assembly and the back of the range hood. Without any backing (because of the large exhaust vent opening behind the hood), the gasket “extrudes” into the opening and gets somewhat distorted. That plus the glue backing will gather dirt and debris over time as any portion not sandwiched between the fan assembly and the hood is exposed to the outside.
Please find my installation write-up attached. Keep in mind, this is what I did in my installation for the Rockwood 2109S; not to say it couldn’t be done another way. Plus I chose to lengthen the power leads so I could verify proper operation prior to final installation of the range hood under the cabinet.
Let me know if this write-up is in any way unsatisfactory and I will do what I can to make it right. Please feel free to edit any of this material for your use. Looking forward to putting this upgrade to use very soon (high of 44 today here in Minnesota).  His installation with pictures (Click here)

Leighs  Install of Sam-1 into Jensen/Elixer  2009 Forest River TT   "It works great" 
IN Cloud

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I Tom's  Jensen Hood

Don't know whether or not you were able to see my pictures. previously. Fear not! We are out camping right now and I have a different email system on my laptop and will take some more pictures today and email them off to you. Last night was the first time I have really used Sam-1 and the steam coming of my green beans pot was sucked up quickly. Also, we did not notice any extra heat inside and I had the oven going at 400 degrees
also. This was with the fan on low!!!!!!! It worked great!!!!! So we'll start the picture mailout again today and hopefully it finally works. The SAM-1 is working perfectly and the night light as well as the led bright light are unbelievable. Thank you and the mfg for such a great product.


I'll post others when received!