Fantastic Vents or "Fantastic fans" as some say--either way they are wonderful!

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Costs vary considerably for shipping oversea to other countries. We normally ship United States Postal Service -Air Mail Parcel Post/priority mail with adequate insurance to cover damage or loss.  Sending UPS is usually more costly.  Please contact us about international overseas shipping. 


The cost to ship one vent to Canada is $71.00 additional.  It is shipped USPS Air Mail Parcel post/priority mail with 6-10 days delivery once dropped off at the post office. Price includes parcel insurance. Vent is inspected and re-boxed before shipping.  If you are ordering more than one vent, the cost for an additional vent is about $69.00US more but weight and size might change the cost.


One vent to AU costs $140.00 additional. Price includes parcel insurance. Vent is inspected and re-boxed before shipping.  

Prices for any international shipping do not include any tariffs, taxes, brokerage fees, etc. that you might be subject to pay.

Once we have agreed upon costs, you are sure of your order configuration, we have exchanged email or talked on the phone- you may use to send money or you can pay using Visa or Mastercard and we will add shipping after payment. 

Click the GMC to email or call 1-440-937-5694

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