Thinking about installing a Fantastic Vent or Fantastic Fan yourself ?

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Handy tools to have depending upon your situation: hammer,  jig saw, with feet taped to avoid scratching roof surface with fine tooth metal blade, hack saw, metal snipes (red and green aviation), sharp putty knife, screw driver, heat gun or hair dryer to help remove old putty, solvent to clean surface, rags, wire nuts, electrical tape, caulking gun, battery drill with bits and screw bits.

Each vent ordered comes with a closed cell gasket, and mounting screws. You will need to acquire the proper caulking for your roof surface, we like butyl or polyurethane for metal/fiberglass surfaces (Fantastic likes geocel) or lap sealant for your type of  rubber roof.


Replacing your old 14 x 14" vent that has a 12 volt fan existing is easy.  1-2 hrs  Most people say the hardest part is getting the old removed. 

Replacing your old 14" x 14" vent with no 12 volt fan means you have to find power somewhere, light fixture close by?, is their some way to fish wires to 12 volt source?. Home depot has vinyl wire mold that can be surfaced  attached. 1-3 hrs

Installing a vent with no hole. Contact the manufacturer of your RV to find out where you can locate a vent. Ask where the wires are, if any would be encountered--you don't want to accidentally cut them. 2-4 hours 

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