2006-2001 Fantastic Vents or as some say "Fantastic Fans"-- just some customer comments:

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We just have not had time to update this part--you can be assured we are still providing excellent service!  

11/11/06  Fred K.  Denver, CO.  1-5000rbt  Aliner   "Thank you! It fit perfectly."  

11/5/06  Herb B.  Chautauqua , NY 2- 6600r  2001 Bounder  "Thank you for your very professional service."

10/26/05  Frank M.   Myakka City, FL  6000rbta  "Thanks, Always a pleasure doing business with you."

10/18/06  James P. St Augustine, Fl  2-5000rbt   2002 Winnebago  Thank you, thank you!  The hardest part was removing the old cheap vents--yours fit perfect" 

10/11/06  Fred C.  Ashland, Ohio 1-6600r  2003 Montana  "Hi Scott, No problem installing.  It fit perfect.  We like it very much." 

10/8/06  Tom S.  Monroe, MI.  6-4000r  Landscape Trailers  "Thanks for suggesting the white translucent domes. We notice less heat build up and much more light inside. We should have replaced them last year rather than spending money on those flimsy smoked replacement domes."   

10/5/06 Dave H.  Pittsburgh, PA 2-6000rbta  93 Airstream  "Thank you very much for your phone call after I ordered.  People have told me you have exceptional service and I agree with them now."  "Thanks!" 

10/1/06  Mike M.  Lansing, MI.  1-6600r  93 Bluebird  "My wife loves this wireless feature.  We will buy another when time and funds are available.  Thank you Scott."

9/24/06  Martha B.  Three Rivers, CA.  4000r  65 Fleetcraft  " Thank you.  I heard about you from Chris who bought 2 vents from you in early September.We belong to the same RV club." 

9/22/06  Tony  D.  Boston, MA.  1- 5000rbt  94 Aliner  "It fit great!  Thank you for the dome lock!"   

9/15/06  Tom B.  Beaufort, SC.  2-6000rbta  95 Montana 5th  " Thanks you for the help you gave us and wonderful service."

9/8/06  Fred H.  Flint, MI. 2-6000rbta  90 Airstream  "We installed the vents with little difficulty.  To bad we waited so long to replace the old vents.  What difference in performance.  They are "Fantastic". 

9/5/06  Jason P.  Boise, ID. 1-5000rbt   Teardrop trailer. " Thanks Scott.  The vent fit perfectly.  Your help with my selection was much appreciated."

8/27/06  Peter N.  Phoenix, Az.  2-6000rbta   Barth  " We got the vents and installed them the same day.  Everything fit perfect!  We love the performance.  Thank you for all your help and service."    

8/22/06  Liviu M.  Laval,Quebec Canada  6600r  VW Westphalia "Thank you, Scott
People say you are great and I think they are wright".

8/22/06  Roger H.  McMinnville, OR.  6600r Upgrade kit   Lance Camper 06  " We bought 2 Fantastic Vents from you 2 years ago but have sold the Big Foot so now we want to upgrade the existing Fantastic Vent.  Lance did not offer the Fantastic Vent 6600r when we bought it."  

8/22/06 Mark W.  Austin, TX.  1-6000rbta   Airstream  " Thanks for your great (as usual) service! Your follow up is remarkable again."  (This is Mark's 2nd purchase of a 6000rbta)  

8/16/06  Ray C. Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia  1-6600r  Highway Man  " Thank you for your interest and service, we are looking forward to receiving our new vent.  We have 3- 6000rbta which were installed 7 years ago but would like to try the new wireless model." 

8/14/06  Douglas G.  Dunbarton, NH   Winnebago  2-6000rbta  " Everything arrived as ordered. Thank you very much!"   

8/10/06  Bruce K.  White Salmon, WA.  2004 Aliner  " Thanks, you guys are great"

8/2/06  Jim P.  Magalia, CA.   1-6000rbta   Van Conversion   "I got my FanTastic 6000 fan today. Nice ! I wasn't disappointed either, because you got the colors right and i'm impressed ! Good work! I can't wait to get 'er in and try 'er out. And, you saved me $75.00 dollars ! Too cool !" 

8/1/06  Grady S.  Measure, MO. 2- 6600r   Airstream  "Scott, thanks for the great service."  

7/27/06   Ron T.    Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire, UK    Endless Breeze   "Received Endless Breeze fan today (8 working days to UK) arrived in good working order, once again many thanks."

7/26/06  We have sold more than 60 vents/fans since the 12th and have not had the time to update individually.  You can be assured our service has been great and customers are still enjoying Fantastic Vents.  Thank you very much for your support!!. 

7/15/06 Joseph C.  West Sacramento, CA  1-2000dm  05 Wilderness  "Once again, thank you for your help in getting this order set up for me."

7/12/06 Brett W.  Jacksonville, FL  2- 4000r  Airstream  "Thank you so much for following up on our order with a phone call.  You answered all our questions.  No wonder your company is talked about so much as the place to buy Fantastic Vents.  Your service is "Fantastic".    

7/4/06  Scott S.  Reading, PA  2-6600r   96 Bluebird  " Thanks Scott, perfect service and fit. Wife loves just pressing buttons to operate vents. They are very nice." 

7/1/06  David L  Scottsdale, AZ.   1-6000rbta  2002 Winnebago  "Scott, Thanks for the fast service.  The vent works even in 100 degree temps, we don't.  The breeze is nice to cool down a little."     

6/29/06 Andrea C.  Bay Village, OH.  2-6600r   76 Airstream  " I have never been able to reach the controls for our original vents.  I would use a step stool. We just leave the control in the wall bracket most of the time. They are very nice, thank you!"     

6/25/06  Dan B.  White Plains, NY.   5000rbt   2001 5th wheel  " We like Fantastic Vents.  This is the final replacement of our vents to Fantastics.  Your price and service were wonderful.  Thank you very much."  

6/22/06 Del B. Platte City, MO.  5000rbt  5th wheel  " Thank you! Not many people would spend as much time trying to help me for a $165.99 item. You are thanked many many times."    

6/18/06 Jeff K. Macomb, IL  4000r  Conversion Van   "Thank you for being so insistent I get a good measurement for my vent. The vent fit perfectly!" 

6/14/06 Victor M.  Vancouver, BC  Canada   2-6600r  73-78 GMC  "Hi Scott, nice talking to you also. Thank you!"  

6/12/06  Jonathan G.  Northampton, MA    6000rbta   "Scott, thank you for looking up our old order from 3 years ago.  You saved me having to go down to the barn and get the measurements again.  We like the first one very much. This one will replace the air conditioner."

6/8/06 Christopher R.  Plant City, FL.  6000rbta  b2000r  Bluebird   "Thanks for all your choices and help." 

6/8/06 George H.   Blufton, SC.  5000rbt  Aliner  "Nice talking to you.  You are highly recommended by other Aliner owners. Thank you!"  

6/7/06  Bennie B.  Castalian Springs, TN.  6000rbta  "Thank you for the follow up to get my order straight"

6/4/06 Larry H.  Alexis, NC. 2- 6600r  Airstream   "Scott, thank you for your help!  This is the second time we bought from you because the first time you had such great customer service.  Happy to say the second time was no different."    

6/2/06  Susan S.  Hilton Head, SC.  3 Endless Breeze  Charter fishing boats  "Thank you for the prompt delivery. We put them to use right away. They provide a great amount of breeze."

5/27/06 Robert S. Gladstone, MO  1-4000r  Teardrop trailer  "Everything looks good.  It is a pleasure doing business with you"

5/25/06  Steve J.  Sidney, BC Canada  2- 6000rbta  86 Winnebago  "Thank you so much for all your help. Your special web page for my transaction was great."

5/22/06 Don H.  Corunna, MI  2-6600r  73-78 GMC  " Hi Scott, Thank you. Nice talking to you on the phone."

5/20/06 Norman S.  Tulsa, Ok.  2-6000rbta 1968 Airstream  "Thank you, very nice website."

5/16/06  Jack B.  Escandido, Ca. 1-6600r  2004 Beaver  " I can't wait to get this new wireless vent."

5/14/06  Doug C. Eugene, OR  3-4000r  73-78GMC  "Thanks Scott for the your wonderful service.".

5/10/06  Stacie S.  Spring Hill, FL.  3-6000rbta   Airstream  "Thank you very much for your phone call to make sure our order was correct."  

5/8/06 Erin N. Germantown, TN.  Endless Breeze Fan   "Thank you!!"  

5/5/06 John L.  Sautee Nacoochee, GA.  5000rbt  Scamper  " Scott,  Thanks for the follow up call after I placed the order. These days it is very rare to have that level of follow up regarding an order. I really appreciate your dedication to your clients and that is why I keep coming back." 

5/3/06  Jason J.  Pompano Beach, FL.  b2000r   02  Excelcor  " Great vent for my wife and I in the bathroom. We like the wall switches.  No more reaching up. My wife had to stand on the toilet to turn on the old fan. Thanks for making us aware it was available."   

5/3/06  Chris C.  Norman, OK.  1- 5000rbta  Tear Drop Trailer  "Scott!  Thanks. Enjoyed doing business with you.......but hey, that's what everyone I've known who has purchased from you has said!!!!!"

4/30/06  Susan M.  Glendale, AZ.  1-5000rbt  Trail Lite  "Scott, We did indeed receive the fantastic fan on Saturday and got it installed in no time. Thanks for the super customer service!! Sue

4/27/06  Terence O. St. Peters, MO  1-6000rbta  2-900  Fedex Chevy Van "Thank you for calling about my order.  I have used Fantastics in all my vans. My plan this time is to use one of the 900s to hide my GPS locater."  

4/25/06  Mike J.  Blaine, WA.  1-6000rbta  Teardrop Trailer  " Thank you for your help with my decision, much appreciated!"

4/23/06 Colin C.  Stratford, UK  2-5000rbt  93 Gulfstream  " Received and fitted fan, it works well! Thank you for your good service and competitive pricing." 

4/21/06  Alex M.  New York, NY. 1-5000rbt  76 Silver Streak  "Thank you very much for offering products at an excellent price and most importantly with custom lids, thickness, int. color, etc. and personal service. It is very much appreciated. It's great that businesses like you exist although what once was the norm is now the exception".

4/21/06   Tom W.  Winchester, Va.  2-6000rbta  Executive " Wow!  You are certainly a fast communicator.  We appreciated your service."

4/18/06  Dave N.  Scottsdale, Az.  2-6000rbta  Escape trailer  " Hey Scott, they are absolutely "Fantastic".

4/16/05  Phillip W.  Madison, WI.  1- b2000r  Coachman  "Thank you for your help."

4/14/05  Filmore J.  Mobile, AL  3-5000rbt  Construction trailer "Thank you very much for the phone call. I'm sure we are getting what we need now."  

4/14/06   Willard H.   Beltsville, MD 2-5000rbt   "My vents arrived on Monday April 10. Tuesday April 11 my neighbor and I installed them. Everything is great. Thanks for you prompt service"

4/14/06  Jack B  Baltimore, MD  2-6000rbta 71 Airstream " Thank you, I will need the Airstream garnishes."   

4/12/06  Dan D. Rochester, MN. 1-5000rbt  " Thank you for the help."

4/9/06 Bernd M  Beelitz, Germany  2-6000rbta 1-b2000r  76 GMC  " Thanks Scott, you know what I need, best wishes."

4/7/06  Neal P.  North Haven, CT. 1-5000rbt  Gulfstream  "Scott, I really appreciate the help you provided to me with your phone call. I feel so much more confident having had you talk me through all this "live". Thanks so much. Neal!"     

4/7/06  Williard H.  Salt Springs, FL  2-4000r  5th wheel  " Thank you for your help in meeting my time constraints." 

4/5/06 Russ S. Cokato, MN  4-4000r  Dog Transporter " Thanks Scott. We like these vents and the dogs do too!"

4/5/06 Chuck A.  Usk, WA. 2-5000rbt  2000 Sunlight  "We appreciate your customer service."

4/2/06  Robert D.  Athens, AL.  6000rbta and Endless Breeze  Winnebago  " Thank You!

4/1/06  Laura H.   Northfield, MN  1- 4000r  86 Casita " Thanks! You come _very_ highly recommended, and folks say to come to you."

3/31/06  Mike O.  Wakefield, MA.  2-6000rbta  97 Airstream  "Thanks scott, everything looks good. Thanks again for your patience and help with sorting out what I need for this, your know-how makes my job a lot easier."

3/30/06  Scott W.  Madison, WI  5000rbt   Teardrop Trailer Project  "Looks good.
Thanks for such a prompt response." 

3/29/06  Bill B. San Diego, CA  6000rbta   Sprinter Conversion  " Thank you for you help" 

3/27/06  Timothy W.  Belle Chasse, LA.  6000rbta  "Received the replacement knob today. I really appreciate the first class service." (He received a new vent and the lift knob was broken during shipping)  

3/27/06  Kenneth K.  Winfield, WV.  !-4000r  2005Airstream "Thank you for calling me after I placed the order to make sure my vent was correct. Very much appreciated"

3/25/06 John L. Port Townsend, WA. 1-4000r .Sun-Lite Eagle "Yes, Looks good. Thanks for your knowledgeable assistance!"

3/24/06  John D.  Destin, Fl.  1-5000rbt  Teardrop trailer  " Thank you very much for
all you help with your various selections and my teardrop installation." 

3/21/06  Del  E.   Harrisville,  UT  2-6000rbta  06 Artic Fox " Great website! It came with  Northern Breeze vents and I don't like them.. All my RV's get Fantastics-no ifs ands or buts. Thank You!"

3/19/06 Jeff J. Everson, WA.   4000r    2004 Chevy Express van  "Thanks for checking on this and best regards."

3/18/06 Richard D.  Schoolcraft, MI  5000rbt  Avion  "Thank you for the fine service"    

3/17/06 Jason P. Pickerington, OH    5000rbt   Teardrop  "Looks good.  Thanks"

3/17/06 Johnnie K. Houston, MS. 4000r  95 Winnebago  "Thanks"

3/17/06  Paul M. Fort Worth, TX. 2-6000rbta  52 Airstream "Thanks Scott,... The order is correct, and thanks for the tip on the orange wires, that's a simple solution."

3/16/06  Bill B.  Toronto, Ont. Canada  2-6000rbta  94 Gulfstream " We got the vents and installed them in 3 hours. Well worth the effort." 

3/16/06  Julie H. Monticello, IL  6000rbta  72 Airstream  " Thank you for the phone call and being so concerned we got the right vent."

3/15/06 Wayne G. Victoria, BC, Canada 5000rbt  Sunnybrook " Thank you for your prompt replies, just what we wanted!"

3/14/06 Sasha H.  San Francisco, CA.  b2000r  Camper Van  " thank you. also thank you for such an informative & complete site, i never would have known about the bathroom fan option, flat vs high dome, different profiles etc. i have tight clearance on my garage door & you are making it possible. i will send people your way for sure!"

3/13/06  Christian H.  Hegins, PA. 1-4000  Horse Trailer " Thank you for your phone call tonight."

3/12/06  Smitz  J.  Lake Charles, LA.  12-4000r  Construction trailers  "Hi Scott, We got all the vents all installed and everybody is happier. Big Big difference.  Thank you for your suggestions."  

3/10/06  Ralph C.  Phoenix, AZ    6000rbta  Airstream " Thank you for contacting me to confirm the correct order. Your customer service is commendable"

3/9/06 Steven B.  McMinnville, TN. 6000rbta  Teardrop Trailer  " Thank You!"

3/9/06  Daniel M. San Antonio, TX.   2 - 3000 110 volt vents  1956 Concordia  "Thank you for helping me with getting  my vents right."  

3/7/05  Aaron J. Anacortes, WA   5000rbt " Everything looks good to me. Thank you for your excellent service."

3/7/05  Roy W. San Diego, CA.  2-6000rbta  " Got the fans today. Thanks for your help and it was certainly a pleasure making your acquaintance. If you’re ever in San Diego, drop me a line and we’ll do lunch."

3/5/06  Don W. Midland, Tx. 1-6000rbta  Airstream " We installed one 2 years ago from you and like it very much. Thank You!"

3/3/06  Trevor L.  Scottsdale, Az,  1-4000r  92 Bluebird  " We got the vent installed and noticed the difference right away. Thanks for the help" .  

3/1/06  Roman H.  College Place, WA  1-6000rbta   86 Vixen  "Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted."   

2/28/06  Steve C.  Bowling Green, KY  2-6000rbta  86 Airstream  "Thank you for all your emails. You answered all are concerns and we love the new vents." 

2/27/06 Mel R. Parkland, FL.  Endless Breeze Fan  " I am going to use it additionally to cool my telescope, thank you."

2/26/06  Chuck M. Parkton, MD  2-4000r  Concession trailer.  "Thank you for changing my order for the dome color to translucent white." 

2/26/06  Jeanne S. Castle Rock, CO. 1-5000rbt  Aliner  "Thank you for calling us on our order."

2/25/06  John J.   Jackson Hole, WY.  1-6500w314r  2004 Custom Bus " This is just what I wanted, all  wall mounted controls. Everybody mentions they bought their vent from you.  I know why now, your help was very much appreciated."  

2/24/06  Robert L.  Port Orchard, WA 1-5000rbt   Dakan Teardrop " Thanks for for all your help customizing my vent for my teardrop".     

2/24/06  Roy W.  Chula Vista, CA  2-6000rbta  Forest River " Scott, it was a pleasure talking with you. I appreciate all of your help too." 

2/23/06 Roger S.  Visalia, Ca.  1-6000rbta  92 Airstream  " Thank you, we need the special Airstream garnish according to your website."   

2/23/06 Daniel M.  Panama City, Fl. 1-6000rbta 05 Safari Airstream  "Please send us another one like before.  We like the first one very much." 

2/23/06  Julius A.  Duncan, SC.  2-6000rbta  1989 Airstream  "We also like Make a Wish. We hope our small contribution will help as much we appreciate ordering our vents through you. Your website is great. Thank You!"  

2/21/06  Sam T.  Grand Canyon, AZ.  4000  1992 Safari  "Thank you for the phone call. I knew I did not have the thickness dimension correct."      

2/20/06  Dale S.  Lake Alfred, FL.  5000rbt  2006 Squidget  "Thanks for the help with my order...Have a GREAT day!!!"

2/19/06 George A. South Plainfield, NJ. 2004  Airstream Landyacht  1- 6000rbta and an Endless Breeze fan   " Thanks for making the calls to Fantastic. My Airstream is at the dealers, you saved me a trip.  I am a little slow with this computer stuff."     

2/17/06  John L.  St. Louis, MO.  2-6000rbta  Airstream  "You have got to be kidding:). You answered the phone and actually answered my emails :). Seriously great service--thank you!"

2/16/06   Michael M.  Chandler, AZ 1-4000r  Escapees Member  "Thanks for your help in getting this order together."

2/14/06  David M.  Claxton, GA. 1-4000r   "Thank you for the follow up on my order."  

2/13/06  Gene S.  Omaha, NE.  1-5000rbt  2000  R-vision  " Thanks Scott--perfect" 

2/13/06  Willard  P.   Geneseo, NY. 1-4000r  96 Airstream  " The order looks good to me! Looking forward to summer and some time outdoors without a winter coat. Nice talking to you too. Thanks."

2/12/06  Robert  C.  Cocoa, FL.  1-4000r  Aliner " Thank you for calling, a dome lock would be nice." 

2/11/06 Jerry  J.   Black Mountain, NC. 1-4000r  Teardrop " Great website! Lots of information and just the way I want my Fantastic Vent." 

2/10/06 Fin B. .Pasadena, CA    2-4000r 2-6000rbta  73-78 GMC "Thanks for your advice and help yesterday."

2/10/06 Mark G. Aguanga, CA    Endless Breeze  Fulltimer  "That was quick-thanks"

2/9/06 Steve F.  Broadalbin, NY.  1-5000rbt  Teardrop " Thank you! I would not buy from anybody else. I have heard of Autism Speaks." 

2/9/06  Lou M. Middletown, MD 1-6000rbta  2006 Sprinter "Thank you for the follow up phone call.  I have seen other Sprinters with a flat dome vent and yes that is what I want."

2/8/06 Malcom K. Brooker, FL. 1- 5000rbt  "Arrived today in perfect shape - thanks"

2/8/06  Daniel C.  Agoura Hills, CA   1-4000r   2005 Winnebago  " Looks great. Thanx. I look forward to the “easy” install" 

2/4/06  Heikki  N.  Vantaa, Finland 1-5000rbt  Tear Drop " ...again your customer service should be used as an example for all in business.. Bravo- and Magnifico" 

2/2/06  George R.   El Cajon, CA.  1-4000r  98 Winnebago " Thank you for calling me and helping, I knew I screwed up my order." 

1/29/06 Angela R.  Mooresville, NC. 2-6000rbta  54 Airstream  "Thank You"

1/27/06   Randolph P.   Mission, TX. 1-6000rbta   2001 Sunnybrook  "Thank you for the excellent service! I'll be sure to pass you web site on to prospective buyers. Have a great day!"

1/23/06  William W.  Sheboygan, WI.  1-4000r  73-78 GMC  "Thanks Scott" 

1/20/06  Mike W. Spencer, IN. 1-5000rbt  Aliner   "The new knob came today --- quite an obvious difference!  Thanks again for the GREAT service!" (We corrected our mistake of sending a regular knob instead of "Aliner" knob--it does make a difference if you have an Aliner trailer.)

1/16/06 Cheryl A.  Healy, AK. 2-4000r  5th wheel  "It's me again! We received our fan, and would like to place another order for we liked the first one so much. Thank You!" 

1/13/06  Marion P. Quincy, IL.  1-6000rbta  "Thank you for being so concerned and your follow up phone call."

1/07/06  Samuel F.  Melborne, AU  2-6000rbta   Sprinter "It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I do wish others would be as helpful as you have been in assuring me of receiving the correct product for my use."

1/1/06  Ron S. Madisonville, KY. 1-4000r  Handmade Teardrop Trailer " Thank You for the phone call. Your service is appreciated  very much. Happy New Year!"  

12/25/05  John H.   Richmond, CA.  1-4000r  Fiberstream   " Thank you! Chris was thrilled. Went on a 10 minute discourse on what a great product you have. It is nice dealing with someone who really knows their product!"

12/18/05  Jordan N.  West Palm Beach, FL.  1-b2000r  Sprinter Conversion  "The vent was easy to install and works well after you emailed me the wiring diagram. Thank you for keeping on top of this for me."   

12/12/05  Laura S.  Phoenix, AZ.  2-Endless Breeze  Casita  "Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too!'   

12/7/05 Jim L.  Longview, TX.  1-4000r  77 GMC   "Thanks for your help and professional business service."

12/3/05  Steve H.  Newport, RI    1-6000rbta, Endless Breeze  91 Coachman  "Thanks Scott. The vent installed easily. We are now ready for our winter trip further south."   

11/29/05  Jules S.   Peace Dale, R.I.   1-6500 w/314r wall controller   Dog Transporter  "You have been patient and more than kind. Thanks, Jules"   

11/24/05  John W. Casper, WY.  2-6000rbta  93 GMC Bus Conversion " Happy Thanksgiving to you too.  Thank you for your help." 

11/17/05    Tom S.   Manitoba, Canada  1-6000rbta, 2-4000r  75GMC  " Thanks a bunch for your great support on this stuff. You must never sleep. I agree with your tally of parts and pieces"  

11/17/05   Hans B.  Helsingborg, Sweden 1-6040rbt, 40cm x 40cm base   03  Knaus  " Thank you for being so helpful, and for your knowledge. The package reached Sweden 2005-11-15"

11/12/05  Stephen C.  Bowling Green, KY  1-5000rbt  78 Airstream  "Thank you for all your information. Your website is super."   

11/8/05  John L.  Columbus, OH   2-6000rbta  78 GMC  " Woow! Thanks for such great service. They were easy to install.  We will be heading south soon so we needed these."    

11/3/05  Jack B.  Oklahoma,City OK. 2-4000r  Teardrops " Thanks. The vents fit great and perform wonderful."  

10/26/05   Lee B.   Sarasota, Fl.   1-6000rbta  Coachman  "It fit per-r-r-fect, thank you."  

10/24/05     Peter C.  Kew, Victoria, AU.  1-4000r   "Good news - the vent arrived this morning....I will email your shortly to organize a couple more to be sent across, regards"

10/17/05   Roger S.  Heath, OH 1-6000rbta 75 GMC "Thank You!"

10/16/05   Bill M.  Minden, NV  2-5000rbt   69 Airstream "Glad you called us.Wow! Great service.  We were very impressed with your website. Thank You."

10/9/05   Bob J.  Greenville, SC  4000r  Bluebird   " I appreciate that service and would order from you again when the need arises. You gave me service which sets you apart from other folks."

10/4/06  Bill S.  Denison, TX.   7000btsdd   Airstream  " I received my vent, which fits & functions perfectly. Thanks again for your friendly personalized service. I'll look to you for all my future vent needs, and will recommend you to anyone who is looking for one."

9/18/05  Homer B.  Las Cruces, NM.   6200 Upgrade Kit   " Looking forward to the kit. It is a real improvement over the basic unit." 

9/14/05 John C.   Sequim, Wa. 1-6500with 314r  Sunroom  " Thank you for making sure things were just right.  Your communication with us was a very welcomed bonus. Nobody around here knew what I wanted."  

9/11/05  Daniel M.   Panama City Beach, FL. 1-6000rbta   2005 Airstream " Thank you calling about my order. I was surprised you work the weekend."   

9/9/05 Jason H.   Holland,  MI  1-4000r  Casita  " Thanks for your help Scott, Appreciate it."

9/6/05  John C.   San Jose, Ca.  1-5000rbt  R-Vision Trail Lite  "Your solution sounds perfect. Thank you very much for going the extra mile in order to provide us with the correct item."

8/31/05    Bjoern A.    Braunschweig, Germany  2-6000rbta  Airstream   "Hi Scott,  the Vents arrived today - and they are FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for your help, you saved us at least 230.00 US$ as they are 1009.00 US$ over here... without Airstream garnish, single dome and only in white.."

8/23/05 Herb B.   Seattle, Wa. 1-5000rbta  Aliner  " Thank you for your service and selections."   

8/22/05  David N.  Phoenix, Az  2-5000rbt  94 Winnebago " Thanks Dad. They fit perfect.  The price was pretty good too:)." 

8/17/05  Scott S. Worcester, Ma  2-6000rbta  75 Airstream  " We saw your website listed on Airstreamdreams.com.. Thank you for all your emails helping us decide."   

8/17/05  John V. Montgomery, AL  1-6000rbta  96 Storm  "Thanks so much for the quick reply. Yes, that sounds like it will work."

8/13/05  Bill V.   Brecksville, OH.  2-6000rbta  Airstream  "We have been just delighted with the units – and your excellent service. ... we were concerned that the replacement unit might not fit exactly, as it was an older RV, but you assured me – correctly – that you would provide the exact trim piece needed for a flush fit. And you were 100% accurate! They have been a great addition" 

8/13/05  Larry B. Oak Harbor, WA. 1-6000rbta   Montana 5th wheel  "I summer here in Oak Harbor and winter in Yuma AZ. good life hope to continue forever. Thanks for your good service on my last vent it all went great."

8/10/05   Phil M. New Orleans, LA. 1-5000rbt  Tear drop " Thank you for your concern.  The vent fit like a glove"

8/8/05 Paul B. Pocatello, ID  1-5000rbt  White Star truck  "Thanks for the fast shipping,  the fan arrived last Tuesday as promised"

8/8/05  Dave P.  Allentown, PA. 1-6000rbta 1-4000r  Barth  "Scott, Thank You. The vents fit perfectly."

8/5/05 Pat J.  Jacksonville, FL. 2-5000rbt 73 Airstream " Thank you for your help. Your website excellent."

7/30/05  Doug R. Grantville, PA. 1-6000rbta  73-78GMC " Thanks so much, I'm looking forward to sunlight in the bathroom!" 

7/27/05 Susan W.  Chicago, IL. 1- Endless Breeze  98 Honda  " Thank you.  I just lowered the rear windows,  hung it on the coat hook and plugged it in. The dog likes it." 

7/26/05  Placy P.  Beaverton, Or.  1-5000rbt 1-Endless Breeze  96 Aliner/Chalet  " You saved us $85.00 and your fast communication was great.   Thank you!"    

7/20/05  Casey B.  Little Rock, AR.  2-6000rbta  Bluebird  "Thanks Scott"  "We appreciated all you phone calls to help with our selections." " Very informative website, thanks again"

7/17/05  Norm J.  Sacramento, Ca.  1-5000rbta  Aliner  " Scott, thank you, thank you, thank you. Great vent, great fit, great service."  

7/15/05  Greg N.  Madison, WI. 3-6000rbta Airstream " Nice website--Thank you for your help. It was a pleasure purchasing our vents from you."

7/13/05 Stephen A.  Galveston, TX  2-6000rbta  Airstream   " Thank you Scott. Getting the old ones out was a pain to do but well worth the struggle.  They are sure nice."

7/12/05  David  J.  Madison, WI  5000rbt  Aliner  " Perfect fit. "Works great. I like the dome lock. Thank You!" 

7/10/05  Wendy M. Pittsburgh, PA.  Endless Breeze "Thank you for the prompt shipping. We used it camping this weekend. It was fantastic!"

7/6/05  Bill B. Elkhart, IN.   b2000r  Bluebird  "This made all the difference in our bathroom. My wife loves how easy it is to use and the additional light".  "Thank You!"   

7/2/05  Rick M. Key West, FL.  1- 4000r  Aliner  " Nice! I appreciated your concern that we got the right vent for our Aliner."

7/1/05  Dick R.  Dighton, MA  Endless Breeze with extension cord  " We appreciate your extra effort in shipping our fan today so we can get it before our vacation next Thursday" (Since UPS had already picked up for the day and we were going into the 3 day holiday, we took his package to the UPS store, 4 miles away.)   

6/29/05  Fred  G.  Hickory, NC  1- 4000r  Tear Drop "Thank you very much for helping me shoehorn a vent into my Tear Drop.  The flat dome I think will be just right for what I am looking for in appearance."  

6/27/05 John V. Tucson, AZ.  2-6000rbta  73-78 GMC  " Thank you for your help. The vents fit perfect just like you said they would.  What a difference they make." 

6/25/05 Santos R. Houston, TX. 2-6000rbta  Eagle " Thank you! Best upgrade we have made in years. Very nice quality product." 

6/24/05  Ron D.  Roanoke, VA. 1-5000rbt  Airstream  "Scott, Vent arrived when you said it would. Got it installed same day. Easy to install, fits great and it cools! Ready for the beach!"

6/17/05    Harry C.  Monrovia, CA.  1-4000r, 1-900, 1-Endless Breeze  Airstream  " Excellent fan and vent!  Thanks for your expertise choosing the correct parts.  The best benefit is the nice soft light that is disbursed without the heat of the sun. I would now like to add the same setup without the fan to replace the front vent. I believe your model # is 900."

6/13/05  Jim S.  Greenfield, Ma 1-5000rbt  97 AlinerDL " Thanks Scott for the great service........you seem to have the Aliner thing down in a package already."

6/10/05  Fred D. Cleveland, Oh  2-6000rbta  Construction trailer  " Hi Scott! We installed the fans in the trailer.  They make a world of difference in keeping the air moving and the cigarette smoke out."

6/9/05  James C. Akron, CO.  1-4000r  Airstream  " Thank you for your call....Again, thanks, and I enjoyed your very helpful website which included instructions for putting in a Fantastic fan."

6/5/05  Janice R.   Virginia Beach, VA.   Endless Breeze  "Thank you very much for your fast correspondence and shipping."  

6/3/05 Jeff L.  Solana Beach, Ca  1-5000rbt  85 Executive Diplomat  " Sure appreciate the help and the very informative website. Thank You"

6/3/05  Rich S.  Bradenton, Fl.  2-6000rbta  Airstream  " Yippe! Great! Thanks Scott. I am glad I got the translucent white domes. I have got good light inside now and good air flow...ready to travel."  

6/2/05 Cynthia M.   New Richmond, OH   Endless Breeze  Boler Camper  "...I belong to Fiberglass RV online and they all rave about your incredible customer service!...Thank you again!"

5/30/05 Melissa E.   Manakin Sabot, Va. Endless Breeze "Thank you for meeting my time constraints."

5/27/05 James C.   Maple Valley, Wa. 1-6000rbta  Country Coach  " Thank You."  

5/23/05 James H.   Spokane, Wa. 1-6000rbta  Starcraft pop-up   "Thank you. Your persistence Sunday in making my vent fit properly is appreciated."  

5/22/05  Steve B.  Jacksonville, Fl.  1-5000rbt  Aliner  " The one I got locally did not fit and I took it back..  Glad I found you. Thank You!"

5/21/05  Charles D.  El Paso, TX.  3- 6000rbta   Airstream  " Great fit. What a difference. Thank You"

5/19/05  Jack C.  St Paul, MN   1-5000rbt   Lazy Days  " Thanks Scott" 

5/17/05  David C.  Lafayette, IN.  Endless Breeze Portable 12 volt fan " You are too much! I ordered it yesterday and got it today. Its hard not to chuckle as if I rubbed the " I Dream of Genie" bottle! Thanks"     

5/17/05  Cybil  S.  Montgomery, AL. 2-6000rbta 1-b2000r  81 Eagle Bus "Here are some pictures of Bud on the roof installing the vents and interior pictures.  Thank you very much for all your help."  

5/14/05  Jackson B.  Bangor, ME.  2-6000rbta  74 Airstream  "Hi Scott,  The vent installation went well and they fit perfectly. We are just thrilled about the way they work. We should have bought some a long time ago."  

5/11/05  Richard C. Claremont, CA.   1-4000r   71 Silver Streak 24'  " Thank you for the great service. You made my selection very easy. I'll be ordering another for the front in about a month."

5/11/05  Torii O.  San Luis Obispo, Ca   2-6000rbta 1-900  75 Airstream   " Nice website, lots of information and just what I wanted - choices, great service and price." 

5/10/05   Raymond D. Worcester, MA. 1-4000r 1-6000rbta  Mickey Trailer  " Thank you. We bought the trailer and now are upgrading. The vents are one of the upgrades." 

5/8/05 Scott L.  Aberdeen WA.  2-5000rbt  1-create-a-breeze  5th wheel " The installation on the 2 fans you sent was easy and my wife loved the amount of air moved so much that I ordered another."    

5/2/05   Thomas B. Westlake, Oh  2-6000rbta  Airstream  " Thank you for such a nice website, service and  selections.  I was very surprised to find you only 5 miles away. Your showroom is very  nice :)."

4/29/05  Lisette K.  Sandy, Utah   6000rbta   5th Wheel "... Great service and great product. Thank you so much! Your awesome!!!!! It was a pleasure doing business with you. We will highly recommend you to others."  

4/22/05   David T.  Piffard, NY    7000tdd  Sunroom   " Thanks for your help in choosing the right fan and features."

4/18/05 Charles C. Oak Lawn, IL  5000rbt   Aliner  " I want to thank you for all the help you were with my problem of the Fantastic Fan. I am returning the one I bought from another RV dealer since it did not fit properly." 

4/15/05  John, H.  Sanford, ME. 3-5000rbt  Eagle Bus  " Thank you for your fine website and help making our selection".

4/7/05  Randall H.  Amarillo, TX  1-4000r  Tear drop trailer  " You're welcome. ...I was planning to order exactly the same thing for my teardrop I have under construction. You saved me a few more dollars. Thanks!"

4/4/05 Don S. Bruceton Mills, WV. 1-5000rbt  95 Shadow Cruiser "Thank you for having a website that is easy on people with a dialup connection. It was very easy to use and very informative."  "I actually enjoyed spending money on your website and with your company. Keep it simple! "

3/29/05  Herbert W. Quartzite, Az  1- 2000rdmbts  Newmar  5th wheel  " Fantastic Vent should give you the outstanding service award, 6 emails, 4 phone calls and numerous pictures. I've never experienced service like you gave us by anybody."      

3/29/05 P.B M.  Knoxville, TN    1-6000rbta   Airstream Excela   " Thanks for a great WEB site !
Just want to re-confirm the Fantastic vent I ordered with the following application ..."

3/28/05  Jack P.  Oklahoma City, OK  2-5000rbt  Airstream " Dear Scott, Thank you for the exceptional help in our choice of vents." 

3/24/05   Bob R.  Merlin, OR.  5th wheel 1-b2000r " Thanks, Nice doing business with you."  http://www.wildrogue.com (Rogue River Rafting)

3/23/05   Tom H.  Los Altos, Ca   Scamp  1-5000rbt   "Scott, I thought you might like to see not only my praise for your great service and help, but that same from others too."  From a post on http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board by Tom   "Scott ... was greatly helpful in making my decision the right one. I wish everyone I had dealings with were half as nice, helpful, and knowledgeable as Scott. Also, his prices were the best I've found. ..."

3/22/05   Mike S.  Sandy, UT   Airstream  1-b2000r 2-6000rbta " Thank you very much for all your help. Nobody else I talked to knew anything about Fantastic Vents other than they sold them--what a crock! Thank goodness I Googled and found your informative site.  Your support will be talked about around many campfires." Cheers!"  

3/19/05  John R.  Saxonburg, PA  Aliner  5000rbt "I received the Fantastic Fan as ordered. Looks great"

3/18/05  Tom A. Tucson, AZ.   Hi-Low trailer  5000rbt  " Thanks for the fast service. All details were correct, it's just "fantastic." 

3/17/05  Jeff M.  Auburn, New South Wales, AU  78 GMC  1-6000rbta " Please send parcel post would be OK as I will not be ready to fit them for a few weeks.  Thanking You! " 

3/15/05 Dale C.  Painesville, Oh   75 GMC 1-4000r   " Scott, Thanks, Dale"

3/10/05   Mike P. Santa Cruz, Ca  98 Avion  3-4000r " I wanted to express my appreciation and respect to the most professional and courteous support I have ever experienced. Your product is fantastic! Matched only by your customer skills. I am truly a happy camper and will without a doubt be a positive voice and repeat customer for your company. thanks again ." 

3/8/05  Uwe S.  Orange, Ca  Airstream   2-5000rbt  "Thanks, Scott,
I will make it a point to tell people about your excellent way of doing business."

2/27/05   Steve F. Tucson, AZ.  Bluebird  3-6000rbta  It was a pleasure doing business with you. Good prices, service, selection and a good product--I love it-thanks! Keep it up! Everybody I know around here will hear about you and Fantastics!    

2/20/05  Jack S. Pineville, La.  Teardrop trailer  4000r " Scott, that is eggggzactly what I want...many thanks for going out of your way to get me what I wanted and not give me what ya got on hand...that is a refreshing experience. I will be recommending/plugging.you on the teardrop forum..."

2/18/05  Jim R.  Kewanee, IL.  Laredo  6500w310r "...Pleasure doing business with you. Just let me know when you will be here to do the install (just kidding)."

2/7/03  Laura N.  Albuquerque, NM  Airstream  2-5000rbt  'Thanks Scott!  We installed them in 4 hours. The hard part was getting the old ones removed. They are Fantastic!" 

1/27/05  Trevor L.  Vancouver, BC Canada  Country Coach  3-6000rbta " Thank you. The fit was perfect."  

1/20/05  Steve D.  Austin, TX    2-5000rbt  Airstream   " It took me all day to replace both vents but well worth the effort.  We like the vents very much.". 

1/12/05 Jack S.  Charleston, WV   1-6000rbta  Horse Trailer " Thank you".  

1/03/05 Orville J.  Bowling Green, KY 2-5000rbt  Aliner Trailer "Everything fit perfect. I am impressed at the performance and the new dome lock".

1/03/05  Robert K.  Alamo, Tx.  1-6000rbta  Jayco Trailer  "I appreciated your phone call and the help."  

1/2/05   Michael C. Plainville, MA.  2-6000rbta   Powerwashing Trailer  "Thank you for the help with my selection. Your website sure has a lot of information."    

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