2004-2001 Fantastic Vents or as some say "Fantastic Fans"-- just some customer comments:

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12/7/04  Arte  M. Kamuela, HI  4000r  Starcraft pop-up   "Cancel the questions regarding installation and wiring, I just found the info on your site, Duh.......Arte.  Thank You!" 

12/23/04  Carol  B.  Beaufort, SC  Endless Breeze " Thank you for sending it so promptly--Just in time to wrap. So many down here have them on their boats, I'm sure Sam will love it."

12/23/04 Glen G.  Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada  73-78GMC  6KYB, LED and JRV 7749   "Just picked up both packages from the border store. Thanks for the great service. Merry Christmas" 
12/15/04  Glenn C.  San Jacinto, Ca  4000  73-78 GMC  " Thank you very much!"  

12/9/04  Dave W.   Livingston, TX  4000r  "Thank You!" 

12/6/04  Bob A.  Merrillville, IN   b2000r "Hey Scott: Just finished installing new vent. Fit like a glove and best of all used the existing wiring. Very pleased. Thank you"

12/5/04    Guy P.  York Springs, PA     Endless Breeze  77 GMC  "...I am now the proud recipient of a nice prize donated by Scott  from Adohen Supply, a Endless Breeze Fantastic Portable Fan (a 12V stand alone fan for my GMC). These are the same people (Adohen Supply) who sold me the two Fantastic Vents I used to replace the broken original vents,... I did not have to cut to thickness, they just fit right in. Nice people, thanks." 

12/4/04  Fred P.  Seaford, Victoria  Australia   2000 Winnebago 6000rbta and Endless Breeze.   "Thank you very much. We can't find the Endless Breeze in Australia. Your selection and prices are much better even with shipping, insurance and duty costs than here. The 6000rbta in Australia costs about $499.00US."   

11/26/04  James M.  Columbus. Ohio 1-6000rbta  78 Airstream " Thank you so much for all your help. Nobody else would answer my questions or even respond. Your prices and choices were even better. Thanks Scott, you are a gem! The vent is almost as good as your service A-1." 

11/15/04 Michael M.  Euless, TX.  1-5000rbt  Casita trailer  "Received my order this AM. Looks good and will have to wait a little while until the rain quiets here. Thanks for your help. Mike "

11/12/04 Eric V.    Indianapolis,. IN. 1-3000 (110volt)  Concession Trailer  "Just wanted to follow-up with you regarding the 110 volt fan. It arrived and was placed in the trailer with no problems and it looks great. Thanks for all your help"

11/03/04 Tony C   Youngsville, NC   1-4000r   Custom Teardrop Trailer " Scott, Thanks again for the prompt service on the vent fan.... Here is a web site I built to post the work effort and status.  Teardrop "

10/17/04  Eric D.  Beaufort, SC,  1-6000rbta 1-900 1948 Spartan  "I purchased a Fantastic Fan from you back in March (great) and I need a matching non-powered vent (900?).Thanks Scott, If you find yourself in SC again, look us up. I'd be happy to give you the tour of the Spartan."

10/03/04   Anthony C.   Muscogee, Ok. 2-6000rbta  99 Charley  " They are just great. They are "Fantastic".fans."

9/25/04  Joan P.  Pittsburgh, PA. 12 Endless Breeze fans with extensions  "Thank you so much for helping us in our rally preparation."

9/15/04  Mike P.  Toronto, Canada   6500 with controller  Barth Motorhome " Thank you!  Everything went well and fit perfect.  I appreciated your personal help very much." 

9/12/04   Jim D.  Omaha, NE   1-6000rbta   75 Terry    " The fan works great and looks like a factory installation! Thanks for all the help in buying the fan. Your website really helped me make the decision to buy the Fantastic Fan in the first place." 

9/7/04  Jason D.   Punta Gorda,  FL.  Endless Breeze  " We don't need any more winds but this fan has been such a great help in keeping us cooler."  

9/2/04  Robert H.  Morrisville, NC 1-4000  75 Airstream  "It was a pleasure talking to you  and doing business with you. Thanks again."

9/2/04   Guy P.  York Springs, Pa   2-6000rbta  73-78GMC  "...defiantly your organization and Fantastic Vents are working with a world class product with world class service. I am so happy with what you and they did for me... thanks .."  

9/1/04   Judy B.  Monroe, MI    5000rbt   Aliner  " Thank you ... for such great service on a great product."

8/24/04  Jack B.  Hilton Head, SC   Endless Breeze  22' Boston Whaler  "This little fan is great for those fishing days when there is no wind, we make it happen!  Thank you!" 

8/22/04 Steve G  Monument, Co. 6000rbta  Car Hauler  "Your the man! Thanks for prompt customer service!"

8/18/04 Don P.  Austin, Tx    2-5000rbt  Airstream  " This revised order looks fine. Thanks"

8/12/04  Peter K.  Arcata, CA  5000rbt   horse trailer  " I have reviewed these specs. and they all appear acceptable to me. Thanks for working so hard to get my order right! But it must be about time for you get some sleep. Looks like you were up late for this one!" 

8/10/06  Legacy Coach   Coburg, WA.  2-6500 with 410 controllers 2004 Custom Coaches  "Thanks"

8/6/04 Tobyn F.  Lynnwood, WA  5000rbt  98 Jayco  "Your website is very informative. Thank you for your service."  

7/29/04 Travis C. Meridian, ID.  4000r  " Thank you very much"

7/25/04  Joan L. Waterbury, VT.  Endless Breeze  Tartan Sailboat "Super...Thank you for meeting our time frame on delivery."

7/21/04   Mathew N. Husatonic, MA  6000rbta  2001 Savannah Box Van " Thanks for your good pricing and your choices!"

7/16/04  Bruce B. Aiken, SC  4000r  85 LeSharo "Thanks for the great service and very prompt delivery.

7/8/04   Mark R. Urbana, IL.  5000rbt   Aliner   "Thank you!  High profile base, flat clear dome, 3/4" white garnish, special knob--great." 

7/6/04  Craig T.  Concord, Ca. 3-4000r  50s Airstream like trailer  " That sounds great. The flat domes are going to work. Thanks for the phone call. That really helped a lot."

7/1/04  Jack P.  St. Paul, MN.  5000rbt  Pop up trailer  " I posted the following on the Fiberglass RV Forum: "  Got my FanTastic vent fan from Adohen Supply -....- good price and FanTastic, really fantastic service. Scott at Adohen was extremely helpful, patiently answering my beginner's questions by e-mail and phone.... One of the most positive transactions I've experienced!  Just thought you'd like to know that your good work is appreciated."

6/25/04  Thomas H.  Binghampton, NY  6000rbta  2000 Starcraft Travelstar 16GL " I enjoyed doing business with you, you did a nice job presenting a product with options and installation advice, ensuring your customers get exactly what that are looking for, whereas others just wanted to sell a product." 
6/23/04    Art L.  Sherwood Park., Alberta Canada   4000r  91 Travelaire Holiday Trailer " Hello Scott:  The Fantastic Vent arrived about a week ago. I just had to pay $14 for our Canadian GST tax. Last Saturday I installed it and it works fine. Thanks for all your help with this."

6/17/04 Charlotte G. Point Roberts, Wa. 6000rbta 1967 Airstream "...all looks good. Thanks"

6/16/04 Dan N.  Waitsfield, VT. 6000rbta  73-78GMC  "Thanks for the vent and monitor ....Nice doing business with you."

6/14/04  Jack M.  St. Paul, MN.  Trailer  5000rbt   "Got the fan promptly, installation was easy BUT -- I must have wired it wrong, because hitting the EXHAUST switch makes the fan intake, and vice versa.... By the way, I am delighted with the Fantastic 5000 - and it does not project below the ceiling as expected!  Thanks for your fine service."  (Jack rewired the intake/exhaust switch , so he did not have to remove the vent to change polarity) 

6/9/04  Art L.  Alberta, Canada   91 Travelaire Trailer   4000r  " Your custom configuration to give me the least amount of headroom interference with the lift knob is appreciated.  Nobody here would do what you did at that price by far.  Thank you!" 

6/5/04   John M.  San Clemente, Ca.   1240 upgrade kit  " Thank you very much"  "That was so easy to install. We wanted to have the thermostat option for the pets."  

5/26/04    Tom L.  Milltown, NJ.  73-78 GMC  2-6000rbta 1 4000r  "Got home from work... and put one in. Took about an hour..... It makes a big difference in the light inside. The bathroom one waits for the weekend, have to be very precise. Thanks for everything."

5/25/04  Brad R.   Deltona, Fl.   2000 Coachmen 1-5000rbt " Thx alot - much appreciated! no wonder everybody on rv.net recommends buying from you!" 

5/18/04  Don H. Bothell,  Wa.   2000 Tioga  2-4000r  "You were correct, nobody offers the selection, personal service and prices as you do. Thanks"   

5/17/04  Mark W.  Kildeer, IL.  73-78 GMC  5000rbt  "Thank You"

5/16/04    Jerry W.  Griffin, Ga    Boston Whaler Boat     Endless Breeze  "My wife won't go fishing with me unless we take the fan.  Keeps her cool and me fishing :)."

5/15/04   Vance W. York, Pa   2004 National Dolphin   b2000r  " Thanks for all the return phone calls and assistance with my purchase." 

5/13/04   Jack B.  St. Augustine, Fl  2003 Volvo Semi    Endless Breeze with extension  " I don't know how we survived without one. We have seen other truckers with them that liked them and wanted one ourselves. We put a plug in the 55' van and use it in there too! Its just great"      

5/10/04  Stephen D. Oberlin, Oh.  Aliner  1-4000r " It is nice to have someone who knows the product as well as you do to ask questions. Your service was just great!!, Thank you "  

5/7/04  Walt D.  Williamsburg, Va. 37' Egg Harbor Boat  2-6500w/314r digital controllers, high profile bases, extra knob spacers and top screens.   " I look forward to receiving the fans and I sincerely appreciate all the care and assistance you have given me putting this order together." 

5/4/04   John S. Bartlett, TN.  Casita trailer  "Thank you for the help. Your follow up phone call was much appreciated. Your choices, prices and website are "Fantastic"!  Nobody else knew what I needed except your company."  

5/4/04   Jean V. Lefebvre, Quebec Canada   Bounder  "Thank You Very Much Scott.  I have received my order today and everything is in perfect condition.  Keep going, I will refer you to my friends for sure !!!! :):):)

4/30/04  Roger S.   Visalia, CA  Airstream   1-6000rbta " Did the fan. Thought I would attach a finished picture. Thanks for the help. I will be getting another for the back in the future. Thanks again."

4/29/04  Christoph  K. Weiterstadt, Germany.  93 Four Winds  4-6000rbta 2-900 "Thanks again, Scott, for taking care that much. I will let you know about the results of my "solar powered A/C system"." Thanks ... for your immediate reply last night and the complete calculation you sent today."

4/16/04  Trisha M  Houston Tx.   2002 Fleetwood Avion  1-4000r  " It was a pleasure talking with you as well ..... Thanks a lot & have a great wknd. We'll pass the word on about your great service."

4/13/04   Gene B. Lake Almanor, Ca  73-78 GMC  2--6000rbta "Thanks for the super fast response and solution. We donít get customer service like this in California. Fantastic vents were a great improvement to my coach. Some day I may add one in the bath as some of your other customers have. Iíd like to see one up close and personal first. Thanks for your help."

4/10/04 Bob H. Union, Ky. 1-6000rbta  2004 Bounder  Bob's post to the Bounder group on Yahoo  " ...Check out Adohen Supply ...They were very helpful before the sale....  http://members.aol.com/fantasticvent. Bob H. "just a satisfied customer"

4/8/04 Jim  M.  Bearverton, Or.  1-5000rbt  2000 Chalet "Just received the vent yesterday, it looks great...."

4/6/04 Richard F. Courtney, BC  2-6000rbta  GMC 73-78  "I have received the two vents... perfect .. many thanks.. I like your choice for the color difference in the bathroom."

3/29/04 Mark E.  Eagle Mountain, Utah  2-5000rbt 1-4000r GMC 73-78 " Thank you for the fans. Yes, they brought them on Thursday and I installed the one in the rear over the bed that afternoon. The one up front I put in on Friday morning. I will be putting the one in the bathroom Tomorrow night..... I can already see that these are going to be a real benefit."

3/23/04 Tim T.     Chester, NH.  2-6000rbta  Enclosed trailer " Thanks again Scott! ...I am fortunate to have found you!  ...it was/is a pleasure doing business with you! I look forward to submitting positive feedback in the not too distant future!"

3/22/04 Glenn A.  Summerville, SC 1-5000rbt  Homemade trailer "  Your description looks good! Concerning the Aliner-Chalet-Handle, I am trying to have as much headroom as I can. Thank you!"

3/13/04  Dave S. Haines City, Fl.  1- b2000r  Fleetwood  " nice chatting with you..........you have it correctly.  Thank you very much!"

3/12/04 Sandra S.  Alpine, Ca  1-6000rbta  90 triple A 39'  " Thank you for being so helpful with our selection and offering all those choices." 

3/8/04 Robert R.  Sun Valley, Ca  2-4000r  "Scott, Everything looks good to me. Thanks, Bob" 

3/3/04 Bruce U. Williamsburg, Va. 1-5000rbt    " Thank you, I will tell all my friends in our club  about how helpful you are and send some business." 

2/18/04   http://www.utilityssi.com  2-2000rdm  Utility Truck  "This Sounds Correct.
Thank You"

2/18/04   Louis G  San Diego, Ca.  4000r  Class C   "Thanks for following up on my order to make sure I get the right fit. I will have to double check this, but the roof/ceiling measurement is a little over 1.75". The less any knobs protruding below the ceiling the better, especially since the location of this vent will be in the over the cab bed." 

2/11/04  Maurizio D. Rome, Italy   Endless Breeze  " we love our fan-tastic fans already so we thought an endless breeze would be nice too- thank you and regards " 

2/6/04 Jeff  B.  Santa Rosa, Ca  5000rbt  2004 Coleman " I got your website address & name from rave reviews on you guys over at http://www.popupexplorer.com/forum/ , Thank you for all the help and all the reply phone calls " 

1/28/04 Charles F.  Victoria, Tx  4000r  "Thank you for all your suggestions--I will make the 3/4" plywood rim a little wider (maybe 3 or 4") to cause the compression of the styrofoam to be somewhat less. Thanks for cautioning me about this." 

1/21/04 Sherry P. Chehalis, WA.   2-4000r  Swat Vehicle "Thank you!"

1/12/04 Robert H.  Wake Forest, NC  2- 5000rbt   GMC classic " These units look great and I am sure they will work as well as they look. Thanks again."

1/5/04 Gilbert C.  Quartzite, Az. 4000r  "Thank you, there are a lot of full timers here and I expect to talk to them all about your great service" 

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