Upgrade/Repair Kits for
Fantastic Vents
For Fantastic Vents or "Fantastic fans" as some say--either way they are wonderful!

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These kits can also be used to upgrade the "create-a-breeze".
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All kits come with a new interior vent face (screen assembly) and the new pop n lock screen. Your existing interior garnish, lift knob, lift arm, fan motor, fan blade, lid and screws are re-used. Easy to do and it is not necessary to remove the attachment on the roof!. 

#1230(New# 1250) Kit upgrades a 4000 to 4000r Fantastic Vent, and will fit a Create-a Breeze   $78.99
(Includes fan reversing switch and 3sp switch) 

#1240 (New# 2250) Kit upgrades a 4000, 4000r or Create-a-Breeze to a 5000rbt $ 98.99
(Includes fan reversing switch, thermostat and 3 sp switch)

# 6200 (New # 3350) kit from a 4000,4000r,5000rbt or Create-a-Breeze to a 6000rbta $148.99
(Includes fan reversing switch, thermostat,3sp switch, automatic motorized dome open/close and rain sensor)

For Aliners and Chalets, FV has a new flat motor available, $28.00 additional 

# 6600r (New # 7350) UPGRADE Kit . Upgrades a 4000, 4000r, 5000rbt, 6000rbta or Create-a-Breeze to a 6600r with a infrared wireless remote. $199.99 

For Aliners and Chalets, FV has a new flat motor available, $28.00 additional

Prices include USPS/UPS/Fedex ground shipping to 45US* Canada shipping USPS priority mail for upgrade kits is $40.00US more.  *Coastal western states will be charged $5.00 additional for shipping now to reflect increases. 

We need to know 4 things!  1.What interior color do you have, white, off-white or gray? 2.What type of lid do you have, Standard dome or Flat? 3.Do you have a traveling dome/lid lock? Liddomelock.jpg (30287 bytes) click pic! 4. And we have to know if your Fantastic Vent base is screwed to the roof screwedbase1.jpg (16667 bytes) click pic!

or is a clamping base?  clamping base1.jpg (25592 bytes) click pic!.

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