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Fantastic Vent Parts  and Wiring diagram information page:  Our minimum order for parts is $15.00. We do have a good selection of parts available even though some are not listed yet.  

Parts we stock: Please click blue hyperlink for picture of part/ cost and shipping.  If you want something not listed yet please send an email.  Please note most parts below include shipping,48US. Disregard shipping by email (We don't know how to remove it from payment page)  IF you want something shipped to a different address than paypal or your credit card make sure you send a separate email to us with your address otherwise your part will be shipped to one on Paypal payment.  

1 Autotrol dome lift motors and cap     $49.99 plus $5.95 shipping  Knob was changed to straight blade knob 9/1/15

2  Autotrol motor caps    White, off-white and gray available.  2 for $19.50 shipped 48US

3  Old Autotrol motor caps
   Available in White Only. 2 for $21.50    Different look than picture but work properly.  

4 Older BC lift motor to newer Autotrol motor
THIS HAS BEEN OBSOLETED You will have to get an Upgrade/repair kit. or a new vent. 

5 Lid switches
     Sometimes a little wd 40 will make this work, they do corrode as do connections, it should spring back after pushing. 

6 Fuse holders 

7 Lids
     Please note A flat lid requires a flat motor, it will not fit FV vents with a can motor

8 Traveling lid lock 

9 Lid lift arms

Interior trim garnishes   These are available in 1 7/8" $15, 4 1/2" $18 and 6" $22  white or off-white.  Airstream Garnishes 1 7/8" are also available $15.  Check your height of existing garnish. Send email to with zip code to figure shipping and size of box required.  If you are west of Mississippi River, shipping cost is expensive so try and find someone else that sells them in your area.  Its not the weight of box it is the size of box, what is called dimensional shipping charges.

11 Thermostat (bulb) 

Vent base  High profile vent base includes lid seal and side alignment wort. $42.00   Send zip code to for shipping cost. 
13  Intake/exhaust (reverse)  switch   $18.00 plus 5.95 shipping

14   3" can motors are obsoleted.
The alternative is #15 below  Please check lid switch for functionality and put 12 volts to your motor like jumping your car. A broken fan blade can not be replaced (obsolete) so you will be into a complete item below. 

15  Fan motor, bow tie, blade kit
    $84.99  Will not fit this old vent motor mount bow tie., Check The holes for motor mount fastening they are 11 1/8" across blade hole and 6" on sides.
Note! Vents with bulb thermostat will have to change location by carefully bending capillary tube and fastening like this.

16  3" can motor mount bow tie, Obsoleted.  Work around #15 or fix one you have somehow. 
17 3 sp switch $19.59 plus $5.95 Shipping

18   Screens 2 to box shipped* $24.50 

*East of Mississippi.  Email us for parts request not listed including color wanted and include zipcode for figuring shipping/handling (box and packaging), 


PARTS DIAGRAMS    Models  4000, 5000, 6000, 6600r and 800 parts 

4000r wiring

5000rbt wiring  

6000rbta wiring


b2000r wiring

b2000 wiring

bv8100 alpha 6ckt

Pop n Lock screen placement for vents with bulb thermostat  ie. 5000rbt, 6000rbta, 2250, 3350