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SAM-1  RV RANGE HOOD UPGRADE $199.00*($179.00?) with upgraded exterior grille Shipped 48US

The quieter one! 

You don't know what you are missing- a range hood fan upgrade that actually works and an led light that lets you see what you are doing. 

Subscribed to Trailer life? April, 2015 has 1 1/2 pages on Sam-1 starting on page 51. Article by Bill Gehr

Adohen Supply is pleased to announce that we are now offering Fabulous Operating Products new quieter Sam-1 for RV range hoods, by the original folks that brought you Fan-tastic Vent .  It is a replacement fan and lighting system for those RV range hoods that are hardly functioning exhaust fans ( Like Yours?) , are noisy and have terrible lighting, if at all.  The sam-1, is quieter, has 3 speeds, uses less amps and provides superior ventilation along with intense led lighting for cooking and a soft led night light.  You can leave the night light on for many days without worrying about drawing your battery for it consumes 1amp in 100 hours. Open the positive slide damper from the inside and turn the Sam-1 on high, open a window and allow fresh air to be drawn into your RV from 51" off the floor.


BUY HERE:     Sam-1 with color choice of new exterior grille, white or black. Includes shipping to 48US   $199.00      * For those of you who will document their installation with type of RV, type of hood, pictures and thoughts about installation and performance we will rebate $20.00 upon receipt to use on our website. Must be submitted within 30 days of purchase. Ohio residents will pay sales tax.  

A number of customers here have mentioned they have used Harbor Freights Spot weld cutter with success, and some have said they are many miles away from a store. So we went to store and bought them out.  We will offer them as a convenience for $10.50 shipped 48US with purchase of SAM-1 only.  Harbor Freight has them discounted $1.00 now at $4.99 plus $6.99 shipping or $11.98 plus sales tax.. Check to see if your fan motor metal is spot welded or screwed to the hood. Need one?  If close to a store go buy one and look around, I spent 2 hours looking.     

You may pay by check to: Adohen Supply   1270 Nagel Rd.  Avon, Ohio 44011  Please put color of exterior grille, white or black in comment section along with Sam-1.   Our phone number 1-440-937-5694         Our email   


CLICK HERE FOR SAM-1 INSTALLATION PICTURES AND THOUGHTS FROM FELLOW RV OWNERS  We are here to help you install a SAM-1 not just sell you one.  Thanks to all fellow RV owners who have taken the time to share their installation.  


Installation and comments of people who installed Sam-1 RV hood upgrade:

David N.  Hi Scott, Thank you for all your help and  Larry's in getting this Sam1 installed. My wife is very pleased. She's happy so we are Happy Campers:). It took 2 hours to get it installed. It is difficult to understand why the RV manufacturers put such lousy range hoods into their products other than profit motives, no quality.  

Bill P. " Installed SAM-1 in 2007 Prowler TT with Jensen exhaust hood. The original, made in China, fan box was spot welded , so that made it more involved to replace. Still only took about 3 hours. The SAM-1 is great, nice bright light so you can see what you are doing on stove and quiet fan that is quality made. I especially like the vent closer as opposed to original plastic flapper that didn't close tight and may have been letting insects in. Happy Camper!"

" I can now hear the TV when fan is running" , "Works as it should and pleased" , "The biggest problem I had was drilling out all those spot welds to remove old fan housing",  "Needs better wiring diagram, colors are hard to see". 

"hello Scott,
... The fan is awesome, ever since my first travel trailer in 2010. I have hated the factory hood fan and have tried to think of a way to improve the fan function as well as the lighting. Then about 3 months ago someone on the forum posted about the new vent fan they bought at a show, i immediately tried to find it without luck. Then someone posted a link showing that you had them for sale which i thought was excellent because i also bought my Fantastic fans from you. The install went extremely smooth and fast. i truly could not believe how quick it was, granted i have everything needed for 12v wire changes, strippers, crimpers, butt connectors and wire. but it was a real simple install.  i removed the original mounting screws and dropped the old unit out slid the new unit in and re-used the original screws. i would gladly do it again. The fan is extremely quiet on all settings the light is amazingly bright. i plan on testing its smoke extracting capabilities within a day or so.
Thank you,

Dave  96 Award tt  " All I know is the old unit didn't work worth a darn and was noisy. I absolutely love the Sam-1."  Holding the vent hood up to screw back in place, needs extra person, jack or pre-made board to hold up


5 times more air flow
10 times more light and soft night light
Lower amp draw
3 speed fan switch
Fully functioning easy open/close positive slide damper, no more opening damper from outside.

Kit includes:
Fabulous range hood vent fan, led light and gasket
Screened exterior wall grill, screws and installation gasket (White standard, black available) Bug Screen is removable for easy cleaning
Trimmable electrical box and quick connectors
5 mounting screws. 

sam1box.jpg (46373 bytes)  sam1details.jpg (75935 bytes)   sam1interior.JPG (66111 bytes) sam1insidewiring.JPG (65947 bytes)

Installation Instructions

For almost all hoods easy to install:
Tools required
Phillips screw driver
Wire cutter
Maybe to make job easier in some cases:
Aviation snips right and left
Dremel tool
Drill for spot weld removal or spot weld removal tool mentioned above. 


 A DUCTLESS HOOD REQUIRES CUTTING HOLE THROUGH SIDE WALL, REMOVING RECIRCULATING ADAPTER FROM HOOD and SHEETMETAL WORK. It can be done but requires more work and exterior wall knowledge before going at it.. Check your hood dimensions.  Ductless hoods are worthless for venting for they just blow stuff/fumes back into your RV. Installing a SAM 1 might just be the best upgrade made for those with ductless vents but more work. 


  Return policy for SAM-1

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