Fantastic Vents or "Fantastic fans" as some say--either way they are wonderful!

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A Fantastic Vent that will fit a 16" x 16" roof opening. Pictures below.

A Euro Vent is different in that it uses a larger base.(1)  It will fit a 16 x 16" hole( 40cm x 40cm)  and the interior garnish is wider(4). All other components are basically the same as other Fantastic Vents except the garnish is only available at 1 7/8" .  An automatic dome open vent will cause the lift knob to protrude approx. 5/8" more into headroom than the manual shown  in picture 6.  The additional cost for this vent would be the cost of a 14" x 14" Fantastic Vent plus $58.00. and additional shipping costs for size.  They are available  with white or off-white interiors only.  Please email 

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