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A "create a breeze" vent made by Fantastic Vent Corp is a budget type vent. It was made for bathrooms however it can be used in other places.  It is not made from the same plastics found in the Fantastic vent/ fans, therefore less expensive.   It only comes in a high profile base, has a white (no light standard dome), it is 3 speed, exhaust only, a white fan blade and a white interior. It will fit a roof to finished ceiling thickness of 1" to 6 1/2". ( It will fit smaller than 1" however the trim garnish most likely will not be used and most purchasers make their own picture frame and cover it with padding and vinyl covering.    It carries a 1 year warranty on everything, after that if you need parts or dome you will have to pay for them.  It does not have the lifetime warranty on the dome as the Fantastic Vents.

Total cost shipped UPS/FEDEX  ground is $115.99 in the 48 US.


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