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Thousands of Fantastic Vents sold!  Thousands of satisfied customers. We know more about Fantastic Vents than anybody except Fantastic Vent Corp!
Where prices, choices and 16 years of personalized service are focused on you! 
References?  Call Fantastic Vent 1-800-521-0298 -ask about us! 

Our Number 1-440-937-5694  Emailing is Best.

Fantastic Vents or "Fantastic fans" as some say--either way they are wonderful!

We have found out Fantastic has changed their 6600r wireless remote to infrared  rather than radio frequency, controllers are now black. The rain sensor override is now on the controller rather than vent face. White faced controllers are available at extra cost. The dome lift motor was also changed to 17rpm rather than 7rpm or 8rpm push (auto)/pull(manual) as the old.

Please be aware that a lot of those other sellers, Ebay, Amazon, etc are still selling old obsolete stock and have no idea what they are selling other than they say Fantastic Vents, its just another UPC coded product to sell for them. 

All new vents have gold pancake motors and flat lids can be installed on them*.

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Vents in stock *  

Vents discounted below are high profiled based vents, choice of white or off-white interiors 4 1/2" garnishes and smoked domed lids. 

 SALE IS NOW!  Shipping UPS/Fedex ground to the 48 US is also included with our vent prices. You will  have your own custom choices of lid colors, lid types, vent bases at additional cost.  The new pop n lock interior screen is now the standard on all our white  and off-white colored vents. A vent that fits properly! No "club" to join.  Ohio residents pay sales tax. 

Got a Fantastic Vent already? Upgrade it!  Get the sale price on upgrade kits, even upgrade to the New infrared remote wireless controlled 6600r. Includes UPS/Fedex ground shipping to 48 US.  

The new Fantastic Vent---6600r(7350) automatic dome open/close with wireless infrared function remote control.  6600r(7350) UPGRADE ? 6600rcontrol.jpg (41754 bytes) Click pic!    See the 6600r further below. 

NEW RETRO  fit "pop n lock"popndrop.jpg (54797 bytes) interior screens (No screws) for easier cleaning are available in white and off-white interior colors . 2 screens included per box  $24.50 includes shipping/handling to 48US.  Clamping bases will need minor modification to screen opening.     

  We specialize in Fantastic Vents or as some say Fantastic Fans for RVs, Trailers, Vans, Trucks and Boats.  That means you have more choices. A 99.9% chance of getting a Fantastic vent that fits properly.  Fits the standard 14" x 14" roof opening! Don't leave your fan/rv vent purchase up to being lucky. You deserve better service. We will try to build to your needs and specifications!  We sometimes even call you on the phone to thank you for your purchase and always return email questions in short order. Email is best!! 

 Have you noticed that the other internet retailers don't even mention the color of the lid or interior color of their vents? What they fit? How can you buy something not knowing what you are buying?  Call them and ask if their vents are high profile based vents or low profile based vents, most likely they won't know. Fantastic vents are just a UPC code to them and just another product along with other vents and other products. Ask them if they know what a dome switch is?  Do they know a flat lid cannot be installed on a vent with a can motor? Do they have wiring diagrams on their site?  Parts diagrams? Do they know flat lids require a different lift arm than domed lids?  Do they ask what your roof thickness is?


 We have shipped products to every state in the 48US and to Alaska and Hawaii!   International Shipping?  We have shipped to Great Britain(28), Australia(104), Germany(28), Italy(7), Netherlands(4), Norway(2),  Switzerland(5), Japan(12), South Africa(7), South America(18), Sweden(23), New Zealand(18), Mexico(6) and to all provinces in Canada(153). 

  For AIRSTREAMS or similar rounded ceiling trailers we offer at extra cost a special curved interior trim garnish in off-white or white.  Need one? Take a straight edged piece of cardboard cut to 16 3/8", place edge across ceiling, centered a couple times, got a 3/8" gap at the top? If so, an Airstream garnish probably will fit and look better. 
Please note: Airstream Corp orders high profile bases for OEM installations so therefore that is what will be shipped unless you make us aware you would like a low profile base.   
 We offer Aliner and Chalet trailer owners vents.  Aliners and Chalet can use models 4000r, 5000rbt with the proper high profile base and special knob.  A traveling lid/dome lock installed ($20.00) is available for both standard domed lid and flat lid for the reverse placement of the vent into these trailers.  Some people have mentioned knob hitting. A gasket is available from Aliner which raises vent off roof for more clearance,  you would have to call them. 
 Casita trailers also use a high profile base, models 4000 or 5000; a 6000 can be used however the lift knob protrudes more into the headroom by approx 5/8". Casitas require a 1/2" trim garnish.
PICTURES And DIMENSIONS ? High and low profile bases?


Click the blue model numbers for more information.  Vents fit 14" x 14" opening! 

6600r (7350) NEW! Sale price $ 259.99 shipped 48US!!  Wireless infra red remote controlled vent. Includes shipping 48 US.  Reg. $354.99. 

6000rbta (3350)-  Sale price $234.99 shipped 48 US! Automatic motor 0pen/close dome,Rain Sensor,thermostat,3spd.,reverse.  Reg. $276.99.

5000rbt (2250)-
Sale price $179.99 shipped 48US! Manual open/close, thermostat, 3spd., reverse.  Reg. $221.99.

4000r (1250)-
Sale price $154.99 shipped 48US! Manual open/close,3spd., reverse.   Reg. $196.00.
  Sale price $149.99 shipped 48US! Manual open, 3spd, no reverse.  Reg. $193.99.

Sale Price $89.99 shipped 48US! Manual open, no fan. Reg.$123.99.

Upgrade or Repair Kits
  Got a Fantastic vent or "create-a-breeze" already?  Vent face all broken up? 

EURO VENTS  Got a 16" x16" (40cm x 40cm) hole through your roof rather than 14"x14"? A Euro vent based vent maybe your answer! 1 7/8" garnish.  $48.00 Additional to above Fantastic Vent costs.

Endless Breeze
Sale price $81.99 shipped 48US! Portable 12v 3 spd. fan with 8'extension cord !  Reg. $101.99.

Fantastic Vent Lids. Single Flat lid or domed lid $38.99   Double Dome Insulated $47.99  Shipped 48US

Fantastic Vent Parts we stock with pictures and order them 




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If your choice is not listed yet please call
1-440-937-5694 or email us at adohen@aol.com 


For New vents call or e-mail us at--click GMC RV below:

1270 Nagel Rd.
Avon, Ohio 44011

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